Holiday Cottages near Skanda Vale
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Holiday Cottages Near Skanda Vale

If you are looking for holiday cottages near Skanda Vale for your accommodation in West Wales, our list below includes any property within 45 minutes’ drive of this Hindu and Multi Faith ashram and monastery.

Founded by Guru Sri Subramanium, the ashram houses three temples: the Murugan (Subramanian) Temple, the Maha Shakti (Kali) Temple and the Sri Ranganatha (Vishnu) Temple. There are 6 Pujas (prayer ceremonies) performed in each of the temples every day. See the website for information about access and temple opening times.

Skanda Vale is about 5 miles from the town of Carmarthen; the nearest village is Llanpumsaint. The road to the temple is very narrow for the last 4 miles, which means only one vehicle can pass at a time.

It is not a place to visit as a sightseer, but a place of pilgrimage which requires that guests observe certain standards. Please read the Pilgrim’s Guide and other information on the ashram’s website carefully before planning your visit.

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