Solva Beach
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Solva Beach

Photo of Solva Beach.
Photo of Solva Beach. Photo of Solva Beach.
Solva, on the north side of St Bride’s Bay in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park lies in a deep ravine which was carved out by melting glaciers. Lower Solva consists of one street which ends at the harbour and Upper Solva is on the cliff top to the west. The harbour is popular with small boat owners and at high tide the inlet is flooded leaving only a narrow strip of sand. At low tide the harbour is dry with only a small stream flowing down the middle and offers the chance to catch fish, shrimps and crabs. Further down the inlet a stretch of sand has rock pools, caves and shallow water for paddling and bathing. A narrow valley on the other side of the ridge leads to an attractive, small pebble beach.

The Gribin is a ridge topped by an Iron Age settlement and there are magnificent views from the top and along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path which passes through Solva.

Car parking: There is a small amount of parking at the harbour car park.

Food: There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops in the village.

Toilets There are toilets in the village.
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