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Trail Rides Wales

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Trail riding is off road motorcycle riding that is not off road! We use roads and byways which don’t have a tarmac surface. They are open to the public and trail riding can be very easy, very challenging, or somewhere in between. A day’s trail riding with us is tailored to you or your group’s experience. If you are new to trail riding, the day will include tuition. You will be amazed at your achievements while trail riding!

You need to hold a motorcycle license (can be provisional). We don’t mix groups of riders with different levels of trail riding experience.

If you have never been trail riding before, the usual meeting place is a few miles inland from Aberystwyth and will include stream crossings and hills which can be challenging, particularly in wet weather. If you think you may prefer a less extreme introduction to trail riding, another route from Machynlleth is available, which has slopes rather than tricky hills and gives you more time with easy trail riding in the morning.

Both routes take you to some of the remotest areas in Wales, with absolutely stunning views as long as it isn’t raining! If it is raining (and this is Wales after all!) trail riding can be really good fun as you end up splashing along in little streams and fording deep puddles.

Trail Rides Wales also do "adventure riding days" which bridge the gap between road and trail riding.
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