Manor Wildlife Park
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Manor Wildlife Park

Photo of Manor Wildlife Park.
Photo of Manor Wildlife Park. Photo of Manor Wildlife Park.
Anna Ryder Richardson's Wild Welsh Zoo has something for everyone!

Experience close-up meetings with endangered animals from all over the

Meet TV stars Steve and Lisa, Tommy the Tapir and his new mate Rio. Yumusak
the Bactrian camel is now a year old already! With its mobs of meerkats,
macaws, emus and ostrich, horses, oryx and zebra - Manor House Wildlife Park
is special.

If you've only got a couple of hours make a beeline for the walkthroughs...
We haven't just given our collection a freer lifestyle - we throw you in
with them! Start with the Lemur Walkthrough, it's the next best thing to
seeing lemurs in the wild in Madagascar. And not just close up - one of the
largest Lemur Walkthroughs in Europe, you are just inches away from these
wonderful creatures. Then head off for the Wallaby Walkthrough - you'll be
amazed at how close you can get. They'll come right up to you! The wallabies
are friendly - bring your camera, you'll get some wonderful images. You
don't have to go 'down-under' to feed a wallaby, or count joeys in pouches!

If you have a little more time get the kids going on the Wildlife Trail -
it's fun and it'll give them an appetite, while you head off to picnic acres
to set up the barbie... Don't forget the sausages! - there's nothing like a
family meal all together, in the fresh air. Then hang out with Steve and
Lisa in The Valley of the Apes, get fresh will Tommy the Tapir and his
new mate Rio. Don't forget to visit Dolly, the naughtiest macaw in the
world! Meerkat Mountain is a must for kids of all ages!

If it's a date you might try the Manor House Cafe - New kitchens, new chef,
new menu - the ideal place for a new date! Sited near the gift shop full of
funky and arty items, eco-friendly gadgets and gismos, it offers free Wi-Fi
for those who need to catch up on the latest Manor News on Facebook, or take
a look at the all new Manor House website - just a little something for the

If you're coming for the whole day you might like to try one of our
Workshops, or ‘Shadow a Keeper’ for behind the scenes access and a real
insight to the lives of endangered animals - fascinating, informative and
great fun!

Fans of Steve the gibbon will know that his life has changed so much over
the last year, new house, new garden, new mate, his own page on Facebook...

The stories Steve could tell...

... about the changes he's seen all over the park since Anna and her team
took over. With lots of conservation-led improvements continuing to happen.

Set in 52 acres of protected Pembrokeshire Parkland, this is also a
paradise for native flora and fauna. Interviewed earlier this year Anna said
that she'd lived in England, Wales and Scotland but moving to Pembrokeshire
was like coming home, 'My kids love it, and yours will too.'

This Wild Welsh Zoo has something for everyone - from the network of
intimate, tree-shaded walkways and wide open spaces for picnics and
barbeques, it's a place for all the family to enjoy.
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