La Calabria
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La Calabria

Photo of La Calabria.
Photo of La Calabria. Photo of La Calabria.
La Calabria is an authentic Italian, family-run restaurant specialising in rustic Italian cuisine. We combine authentic Italian cooking with fresh Welsh produce.

Many of our dishes have been passed down from old Italian cooking traditions to bring you simple but tasty dishes. From our homemade pasta, parma ham, to salamis and a variety of vegetables cooked in many delicious ways.

Our restaurant is set in the heart of Welsh countryside, once a derelict barn it is now converted into a traditional, stylish, country restaurant.

Calabria is one region in Italy that has remained true to its roots, where much of the area seems to have been ignored by time. Calabrian cuisine primarily combines simple fresh pastas, home-grown vegetables and meat, particularly pork. Traditionally, every part of the pig is used, being turned into sausages, made into hearty pasta sauces, or roasted whole over a spit. Black pepper and peperoncini are widely used as seasonings, explaining why Calabrian food is often described as ‘spicy’. To complement this spiciness, our wine list offers a variety of wines from Italy, and beyond, to suit any palate.

Family life in Calabria centers round the dining table where food is considered more of an expression of love and tradition than simple nourishment.

Not only will you be assured of wonderful pastas and flavoursome meat dishes, just wait for dessert, a treat awaits all diners with Toni’s delicious home-made ice creams!
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