Darren Yeadon Sculpture
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Darren Yeadon Sculpture

Photo of Darren Yeadon Sculpture.
Photo of Darren Yeadon Sculpture. Photo of Darren Yeadon Sculpture.
Darren Yeadon served his apprenticeship as a stonemason at a quarry in North Yorkshire. This laid the foundations for his subsequent work as a sculptor. Previously Darren worked at the marble quarries in Carrara, Italy, and now sculpts primarily in this medium.

His work entails infinite patience, requires consummate skill, involves total concentration and demands complete dedication. The tools he uses are sledgehammers, mallets and chisels.

The main theme of his work is nature. Darren works in Carrara Marble, Sandstone, and most recently in Preseli Bluestone.

Visit his website to find details of future exhibitions.
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