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Cardigan Walks

Cardigan Walks
Cardigan Walks offers family-friendly tours of beautiful Cardigan town, sharing the tales of the lives and times echoed around town. Book today to discover some great history! This part of West Wales is full of history - historical evidence shows that people have lived here for up to 6,000 years!

Cardigan Town took shape, as we may begin to recognise it, in the late 11th or early 12th century when its iconic castle was built, and the town grew around it. ​From there, history has been made and recorded.

Cardigan Walks was founded in 2022 and the tours cover a tremendous amount of local history during the 90 minutes. Make sure to wear comfortable footwear that is suitable for walking around 1.5 miles.
Little ones up to three years old are free to come along and soak up some history.

The tours are not private - meaning there can be several groups on tours, some of whom may have allergies or fears of pets. To ensure the enjoyment of everyone, please remember all you're told on a tour to tell your pet when you see it after the tour!
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