Amman Valley Trotting Club
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Amman Valley Trotting Club

Photo of Amman Valley Trotting Club.
Photo of Amman Valley Trotting Club. Photo of Amman Valley Trotting Club.
Harness racing is an exhilarating sport where horse and driver act in unison to pit their wits against the opposition to see which pairing comes out on top! It is one of few sports where men and women compete on an even footing. Past results only go to prove this. An experienced driver can make all the difference between a horse winning or losing.

The Sulky or carriage on which the driver (or jockey) sits on is one of the most important pieces of equipment for harness racing. The driver balances on the sulky with legs along the shafts to maintain equilibrium. The driver wears a variety of safety equipment including a body protector and helmet. They also wear their individual unique 'racing colours' so they can easily be distinguished during the race and, in most races, carry a whip.

The spectators are very close to the action and can see all the way around the track getting within meters of all the thrills and spills - nothing beats the real thing so why not come along to Amman Valley and experience harness racing first hand!
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