Access statement for Lavington

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Eco Policy for Johnston Hall Holiday cottages has been to conserve energy usage, recycle and resource locally as many products as possible in their construction and design, but take advantage of modern technology where appropriate. Furnish with quality second-hand furniture throughout.

Many of the materials have been recycled including, doors, windows, staircases to name but a few. Several features have been found on the site and incorporated into their design such as stonework, wood and even a large Victorian mirror originally from one of the rooms in Johnston Hall itself.

Much care has been taken to include the highest standards of insulation into the walls, floors and ceilings to reduce energy usage. The kitchen appliances are all modern and incorporate the latest energy saving technology.

The furniture items have been chosen for their quality and to complement the character of the property, but they are not new. There are two pieces of bedroom furniture that originate from the mid 19th century in Berlin and have survived two world wars.

There is a sustainable energy system installed with a PV system on the roof of the cottages to help towards the energy consumed by the holiday makers. This system provides energy to heat the water for all the showers and sinks.

The welcome packs will be resourced from local suppliers in Pembrokeshire, along with home grown produce when available to reduce food miles.