Travelling through history with the Archwilio app

If you are exploring Welsh archaeology, researching a site you have visited, or are out and about and want to know what lies under and above ground around you, this new app will come in handy!

Stone circle on empty moorland

Bedd Arthur Stone Circle, Preseli Hills

An online mobile introduction to Welsh heritage

The Archwilio app provides you with more information on sites in your area, combining a wealth of information with GPS. Available for smartphones and tablets, it allows you to search thousands of records of historical and archaeological sites and explore the past environment in real space and time.

Developed by the Welsh Archaeological Trusts, in conjunction with CEMAS (CEM Analytical Services), it is available for free download. When travelling away from mobile coverage, you can also store the site information on the app to use when out and about.

Mwnt hill with the church beach and the sea to the right

So come to West Wales, and find your ideal holiday cottage from which to explore our history! Choose your perfect West Wales cottage now.

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