Brecon Buff Geese


This cute little chap,  a Brecon Buff cross Embden gosling was born on my smallholding a few days ago.  Happy with his chicken mum, Mrs Goose wasn’t interested in looking after him, he will grow quickly into a large, mostly good tempered (apart from at breeding time!) gander.

The Brecon Buff was the first buff geese breed to be standardised and was developed by a Mr Rhys Llewellyn in the Breconshire area of South Wales.  It is one of the few breeds of geese to originate in the UK and was accepted into the British Poultry Standards in 1954.

A hardy breed, they are characterised by their beautiful buff plumage, hazel eyes and pink beak, legs and feet which differ from the American Buff whose beak, legs and feet are orange.

Brecon Buff Goose copy

Full of character, these geese are great to have around the smallholding.  Ever alert they soon make a racket if they hear someone coming, especially if the ‘intruder’ is carrying some apples or a bucket of corn!

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